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When you buy a 3 Square home, you become part of a three-way relationship. You are part of a process that strengthens homes, families and consequently, the community. We do this by including support for the neighborhood elementary, middle and high school in which the home resides and a local not for profit, Savio House in every relationship



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Every time one of our homes is purchased, 3 Square will donate $10,000 among the elementary, middle and high schools in that home’s community. If desired, we will do this in the original home seller’s name. This is the Seller from whom we, 3 Square Development purchased the home. Without that individual, our business wouldn't exist.

Additionally, every time one of our homes is purchased, 3 Square will donate $5,000 to Savio House, a 50+ year proven, local not-for-profit committed to supporting families who are at risk, historically under-served and in need of family services.  And if desired, we will do this donation in the new homeowner's name. 

What differentiates Savio from any other Denver-based family service organizations, is 90% of their care is given in the home of the families they serve. Their home. Home is what makes us feel safe, allows us to unwind after at the end of a long day and come together as a family. In a community. Savio works tirelessly to give their families that same kind of feeling. Their specific mission is to eliminate violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect, and other destructive behaviors in families through care, support and education. ​Savio serves more than 2,000 families in Colorado, the vast majority of them residing in the Denver area.

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Steve and Julie believe in the ability of the public school system to meet the needs of the community’s children academically as well as socially. Additionally, without these communities we would not have a business by which to provide support. These communities and the families within them are the reason we can have a real estate business here.  Steve and Julie’s boys have attended public schools throughout their academic careers and are currently enrolled at Merrill Middle School and South High School in the Cory-Merrill and Wash Park neighborhoods.


Also, there is a direct connection between Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Savio House in that most of the children and families Savio serves are because of DPS and other school systems’ desire to help these families and reach out when they see children struggling.

Lastly, the Executive Director at Savio House, Norma Aguilar-Dave was Julie’s college roommate, and their families continue to be very close to this day.  Steve and Julie supported Savio with financial contributions and Julie was a volunteer on the Outreach Committee over the past 15 years so it was a natural connection and an organization that is personally close to us.  And all of the adults are Ohio State graduates.

Go Bucks.

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The Denver Fire Department (DFD) started a program in 2021 called “Acquired Structures.”  That same year we purchased 1674 S. Madison Street and it turned out that the owner we purchased the home from was a Denver Firefighter for over 30 years.  He reached out to us about participating in this innovative training program which allows residential real estate developers and the DFD to work together to leverage a home that is already scheduled for demolition and provide an opportunity for them to train in a “real world” environment.

When we heard about this program, it was a no-brainer decision.  The training involves breaking down doors and windows, opening up the roofs, dragging fire hoses into and through the house and using tools to break apart segments of the home in an effort to mimic an actual fire / emergency situation.  So happy to have an opportunity to use our business to support the brave Denver Firefighters!

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